We offer you high quality food products at extremely competitive prices by running strong partnerships with big food factories.

On the other hand we also handle all needed labelling process of products for you and follow all the logistics processes to make sure that the product you purchase arrives quickly and safely to your location.

In order to see the catalog of products we represent, please contact with us.

Fruit Juices & Energy Drinks

We are able to import/export all types of fruit juices, 100% juices, nectars and fruity drinks in tetra-pak and plastic bottles with all sizes to big markets such as US and Europe. In addition, we supply high quality energy drinks up to our customers’ demands. 

Spring & Mineral Water & UHT Milk 

Apart from fruit juices we also supply spring & mineral water and UHT milk as beverages. The UHT milk we supply is ultrahigh heated, homogenized and packaged in tetra-pak for extra-long life and easy storage for your satisfaction. On the other hand, the water we supply has a big advantage of geological conditions and so meets a large quantity of minerals the human body is in need of. A high amount purity with high PH value and mineral richness of nature render taste really great.      

Dried Fruits & Nuts 

We are able to export all the types of dried fruits in bulk and all types of package sizes from 350g to 12kg. The products we supply are below;

-Dried Apricots in all sizes, class 1 

-Dried Fig in all sizes, class 1

-Dried Tomatoes class 1

-Dries Sultanas in all sizes, class 1

-Assorted Dried Nuts   

Biscuit-Chocolate-Candy-Turkish Delight

These products have become one of the most important subsectors of the food industry using modern technology recently and we work with the biggest factories in the sector to supply all types of candies, biscuits and Turkish delight for our customers all around the world for their satisfaction

Pulses & Cereal Products

Turkey has a major role among the important countries producing pulses and has the means of dominating the world trade in pulses. This provides FIN Trading to export many types of pulses and also cereals such as lentils and beans to clients all around the world..  

Tomato Sauce & Pasta

We are available to export all the types of tomato products such as sauce, paste, chopped and pure tomato in can and glass jar up to customer demand. Similar to tomato sauce, pasta is another most wanted product of our customers and all pasta products we are selling are made of high quality durum wheat semolina since quality is our first concern in food sector.

Frozen Food Products

The demand of frozen vegetables (including potatoes) and also recently frozen fruits has increased during the past decade. Therefore we work with high quality frozen food producers and the process firstly starts by buying top quality local fresh fruits and vegetables from local markets then continues by freezing them in the best conditions.

Olive & Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil 

Olive oil production has reached a high capacity all over the wordl and the manufactures we work with get the best quality oil which means low acidity for olive oil industry by first squeezing, and then filtering, only the choicest, hand-picked olives. Besides this, we provide high quality sunflower oil in plastic bottles to our customers in food sector as well.